Saturday, November 17, 2012


In shooting this years catalogue, I thought in depth about who the creator of Vosges Haut Chocolat, Katrina Markoff is, what is she thinking of when she is concocting new flavors for her chocolate gems.   She is daring and risk taking, she is fearless in merging unexpected flavors, a true genius in the kitchen.

When Katrina and I discussed the vision of this years catalogue, lightning struck and the idea came to life. I thought to deconstruct the truffles, breaking through the vulnerable, thin outer shell,  revealing the velvety flavored ganash.   I painted the set with the colorful ingredients creating a work of art with Katrinas work of art.  No stylist on set, just me, my assistants, Q-tips, brush, water, paper towels, pins, matches, marble and chocolate.

I enjoyed this process so much, it satisfied my scientific mind, along with my creative mind, and I am honored and proud of having my finger prints all over these messy beautiful images.


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