Thursday, April 25, 2013


We scoured the street we went from place to place, 
We wondered how do we start, where do we find the perfect face?
Chicago has a treasure trove of beautiful skin, 
people who care for their figure and are so lovely and thin.

The beauties were found just in the nick of time, 
and the photos turned out so sublime!

Last August,  producer Monica Zaffarano and I hit the ground running on an Obagi AD campaign.  Yes, the shots are simple and elegant, that was the easiest part of the shoot.

The hardest part was the casting, the clients wanted real people.  We set out and scoured Chicago to find women of all ages and skin tone.  We went to every Whole Foods, scoured farmers markets, scanned the beaches, rallied our friends and people at our gyms.

Monica and I had hilarious encounters on our street adventures.  Some people were flattered and stunned to be approached and told they were beautiful, some didn't take to it so well and backed away, others showed us awkward photos of themselves on their cell phones posing sexily in the mirror.

I was also fascinated by peoples reactions during the studio casting when I asked to photograph their hands.  Women especially were frightened to have their hands documented. Alot of  explaining of how their hands were horrible and why, and how they hadn't had a manicure etc etc.  People fear having their hands photographed more than their faces.  I recently realized that I actually do that same behavior and have that same fear.  

Thanks also to our friends Julie Tallarida at and Diane Vaneria (street casting) for your addition to our casting, we couldn't have done it without you!

Thanks to the crew:
Bob Wolgemuth
Brian Schilling
Ben Rodig
Liz Klafetta
Chrisondra Boyde
and of course Monica Zaffarano

Thanks to the talent to being so radiant inside and out.

Thanks to the clients from GA Communications who had a great sense of humor and were a breeze to work with.

Thanks to the talent that didn't get picked for this job, you are still beautiful in every way.

Thanks to the great people of Chicago.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Me and the Ninja noodle going for a lil ride.

Thanks Kyle Frere for the funtimes music creations.
Thanks Ninja for bringing sweetness and cuteness to my life.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


I recently deconstructed the pups dog harnesses and realized that I could make my own.

Ninja here is wearing a beautiful coral and white piece that used to be a belt.

Hercules' handsome outfit is a silk tie reconstructed to a fashionable outfit for summer.