Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I recently started making my own face and body lotion as a reaction to Chicago winters drying me out to a pile of flaky, dry, and painful skin. This fantasmical magical lotion potion I concocted with all organic raw ingredients did the trick, bye bye dry!!!

This little stack of vials is going to one of my favorite makeup stylists, Sharon Parker.  She works on New York models daily and I am stoked to hear how well it works on these ladies.

Holla if you want to try some!


Thursday, July 11, 2013


I shot this a while ago for a Walgreens campaign, and dug it back up to fart around with some retouching.
Heres a before n after of the lovely Jessica Orr from Factor.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Once upon a time, there lived a young woman who lived a little tree castle venturing about  the land looking for amusement in all sorts of ways, she galavanted and skipped through the streets with her two foxes talking to the people of the land, dancing about and creating new adventures day by day.

One day, the young woman had a tickle to be entertained at a hall where people gather in a dark room to watch an adventure with light.  She loved watching other heros conquer the villains with their magical skills.

While waiting to enter the great hall, she sat quietly on the end of a long bench playing with her miniature light entertainment gem.  There was a shift in the air and the air turned sour, and the young woman felt a large mass had landed next to her grazing her leg as it settled its mass in the seat next to her.  A scent of overperfumed air tainted the young womans nose and she tried to hold her breath.  Soon after, a large male mass form rumbled over demanding a spot to land.   The perfumed dragon heaved her weight towards the young woman and addressed the young woman with a garbled demand "move over!".

Perfumed heat rose from the dragons mass as it continued to shove itself over to make the young woman move.  The young woman paused as time froze, she thought of all of the times where she had been shoved and bullied by larger and scarier forces and how this had to end.  She parted her lips and calmly uttered a simple word... "no".

The two dragons heat rose as their voices shrieked, squawked and writhed with utter rage.  They both spewed venomous insults of rage and flapped their mounds of pasty flesh in the womans face, shaming her left and right.  The woman sat still and calm as an impenetrable forcefield formed around her, deflecting the heaving word daggers.

The drama continued as the dragons flew to the leaders of the great hall demanding that they do something about the young woman not moving in her seat.  The squealed at them forcing their weight on them and instilling fear in all of the people around.  The leader came up to the woman asking her to move as he trembled in fear of the dragons, begging her to do their bidding to make them stop.

The young woman compassionately looked at the man in the eyes,  and gently said "I was here first"  The dragons rose and rose with more anger and rage belching at the man.  He succumbed to them and offered a free invitation to an other night in the great hall free of charge.

This satisfied the dragons yet they continued to make a scene, yammering loud insults and hate directed at the young woman.

The young woman had great sadness for the dragons offsprings, for she knew that they could never say no to these demons.  Great consequences and never-ending shame was the reward for standing up for ones own rights.

She knew that she would be all fine and gained insight as to how it IS possible to say no, and she didnt have to engage in any battle.  She was now the ambassador of herself, and had the ability to deflect unrelenting shame form all demons across the land.