Wednesday, October 23, 2013


It takes just a lil time to get rid of arthritis, just rub in some pixel cream, and VIOALA!!!



Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I am always trying to achieve that natural, soft and airy light quality, and today I tried something new and it worked!

Firstly, I started using Alien Bees which are a fraction of the cost of most strobe systems.  I also learned that light fixtures fit perfectly on the Alien bees, so I can put a white globe on and it stays on securely.

I then thought to put the light behind my curtains and rig it to the curtain rod so that the light passes through the curtain giving a beautiful window light.

Heres the rig:
I set this rig up in 3 windows, added fill cards on the other side.

Here are the results!  Thanks to Andrea Wishom for making my job easy!

Hair and Makeup - Lia Rivette from Ford


Check out how cool this shoot went!! Thanks Ziploc for the good times :)


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